1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent

The 1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent is a doubled die variety that is rare and valuable in any grade. Major doubling is apparent on the obverse, visible throughout the lettering as well as on the date.

Even though this coin is much more valuable than the 1995 Doubled Die, the 1969-S is less well known. Primarily, this is due to the immense rarity of the coin. Just a few dozen pieces have been discovered over the years, and many of these were found in circulated condition.

The few uncirculated pieces with red mint color that do exist and bring strong prices when offered at auction. Circulated examples of the 1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent have sold for more than $10,000 each. One example graded PCGS MS64RD sold for $126,500 in early 2008.